Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Where'd It Go?

Is that it? Is Christmas over for another year? It seems to have flown by in a flash! We had a lovely Christmas at my parent's house with my family. Santa really did come to us... well, mostly P who had her usual huge pile of goodies which she opened as soon as possible!

Christmas is always special with kids around and we did the whole "has Santa been?" routine. I'm sure Mom still does it for us too, even though we're all grown up now. We woke up at our house, opened some presents here, gave the cat his present and got dressed and went to Mom and Dad for the rest of the gifts. It was lovely.

Santa brought me lots of lovely things, a bag, some Ugg boots which I've hardly taken off they are SO comfortable (thanks Kris!) and perfume, a jacket and a lovely necklace from P. I also had Betz White's Warm Fuzzies book from my sister along with a brilliant knitting book called Stitch 'n Bitch which is fab and a must for anyone who knits.

P had a new bike, rollerskates, and the whole padding to go with it all which sort of takes up most of the excitement time, so when she's finally padded up she's too exhausted to get mobile! She actually sat and had her Christmas lunch with her cycling helmet on and looked gorgeous!

Mom did a fantastic turkey and all the trimmings (although the carrots were burnt to a crisp... but we won't mention that! Sorry mom! :)), my sister did one of her speciality cheesecakes and I did... well I made my super dooper tiffin. (scroll down link for recipie) That was a good contribution! You can't go wrong with chocolate!

Mrs P and her famous cheesecake!:

I've avoided the sales, it's horrendous to park apparently, and spent the time inside! It's freezing here! I had a lovely scarf from Santa which is soft and gorgeous so I'm wearing that at the moment.

Seen my lovely cousin's wife Emma today and met her sister at my Grandad's with Emma and Neil's son Fin. He is gorgeous and we spent a lovely hour with them before they fly back to Cyprus to where Neil is stationed in the RAF. He's in Afghanistan at the moment working and we can't wait to have him back, which will be in January. I'm so proud of him and it must have been terribly hard without him at Christmas this year for Emma and the children.

So, all in all, Christmas has come, gone and we're onto New Year! We're off to my sister's house tonight for some food and a family get together which will be fun.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas too!

N x

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