Monday, 2 February 2009

S'No Fun... :(

So I've been ill, and I mean so ill I couldn't get out of bed for 3 days, and my fascinator orders have really picked up which is brilliant but really tiring when you're trying to sit in bed and sew, and then today it snowed so bad it's the worst snow in 18 years! On the day I feel better! And P now has the bug and has been off school and the school is closed tomorrow so it's another day indoors!

I have plans to go and see a friend tomorrow which is an hour's drive away and we had to postpone from last week because of my bug and looks like we'll have to postpone tomorrow because of the weather! It's snow fun! I really don't like the snow when it ruins plans.

I've managed to get some fascinators made but can't post them because I'm snowed in and it's turned icy now.

These 2 Jane Fascinators went to Los Angeles:

Along with this Glimmer Tiara adapted for a French Barrette:

And this Double Band Tiara for the UK:

So at least I've been constructive whilst ill! We've sat in and P's watched The Chronicles of Narnia twice today. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. I remember listening to that being read by my class teacher when I was about 8. It's weird to think my daughter is watching the same story now all these years on.

I have some more fascinators to make tomorrow whilst P is off school and hopefully I might be able to get out to post them!

N x

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Natalie said...

Oh no!! You poor thing! I was wondering if you were horribly ill since you hadn't posted anything lately. Take care of yourself! Drink lots of fluids and stay warm!! The weather might muck up plans, but there is no better excuse for a good lie-in! Take care and get better quickly -- P too!