Saturday, 7 March 2009

Fascinating Fascinators!

Wow, I can't believe it's been nearly a week since I blogged. It's gone so quickly and I've been really busy working on orders this week.

I had an order from Pennsylvania last week for 4 fascinators for a 1920's themed wedding. 3 Joanna designs for the bridesmaids, all in different shades of blue, and a Hayley in buttermilk for the bride. I had lots of fun making them but they are the most difficult and time consuming to make so I've spent quite a few hours rolling sinamay edges, sewing and sticking this week.

I also completed a Rachael design in a gorgeous colour combination of yellow and navy which looked fab, and an Anna in wisteria which was gorgeous.

I'm about to start work on my tartan Hayley design for the Scottish wedding now. This is the mock up:

The peacock themed fascinator is now confirmed so I have the to make, and I took a shot of some of the colours to send to my client. I love this colour pallate, it's a great choice.

I've been featured again by TwoSeasideBabes in one of their Etsy Treasuries, this time using my Viktoria fascinator with a crimson red theme called Love, Fire, Passion, which I'm really chuffed about. Thank you so much!

P's been to a High School Musical birthday party in her cheerleader outfit and had a great time and they were given red noses for the upcoming Red Nose day next week. Cute!

I have most of my tiara shots back now for the website so there's lots of checking to be done and then I have to put them onto the site with descriptions and prices so that'll take me most the week. Busy, busy! These are the flowers we used on the shoot. They were gorgeous!

N x

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