Saturday, 14 March 2009

Proud Peacock!

My peacock-themed fascinator is complete and after lots of liason with the client to make sure it was perfect for her I've been out and shipped it this morning. I was really pained to let this go as it has taken so much time and construction and I absolutely loved the design. I'm really proud of myself for this piece, and the client's colour choice was perfect.

Amazing how 2 pieces of flat simamay can go from being blocked into shape like this:

To become this, in a few hours.

You'll be pleased to see that 'Polly', my polystyrene head has been resurected for this photo and I think I'll take all my photos on it for my blog from now on. She had her nose bitten off by P when she was younger, so I've stuck that back on, and she's as good as new (although not as good as Polly 2 who I used for my website shots... she's got a swan neck and is much more refined!)

I've nearly finshed my Anna fascinator in Almond, so that will be the next to be shipped out and I've got another order for a Hayley design in chocolate. I've also had quite a few enquiries this week too, which is lovely, and a recommendation which is always exciting. I'm off to wrap a headband in ribbon! Have a good weekend :)

N x

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