Saturday, 28 March 2009

Snap, Snap...

I am very fortunate to have some lovely friends who used to live in Birmingham,but moved to Prague when they got married. James, who happens not only to be a great friend, but a fantastic photographer who I've worked with lots of times in the past, was on loan to me this weekend by Jitka his wife, and he flew over yesterday to shoot my jewellery and tiara product shots for my websites. This is an image we shot together in 2006 which ended up on the front cover of Dental Update, a UK trade magazine which is circulated to 8000 dentists all across the country. That's me, that is!!!

So, after the catch up, and the obligatory meal out and a fab glass of red, we started shooting early this morning and 6 hours and 200 shots later managed to complete the mammouth task that I'd set ourselves! We had to improvise with some comic props to enable James to shoot the products correctly, so I thought I'd share our little set up.

We had a professional light tent, and an amazing black reflective tablet to work off which gave the products the most amazing mirror images which will look great on the site, but to shoot the necklaces we used my wine rack, my ruler and my tub of pliers to construct a gantry to hang the chains off, and the earrings were shot using the same set up but with invisible cord forming 2 nooses which the wires hooked through to suspend them in midair. We also redid my fascinator product shots which turned out great! I think we did a good job! Amazing what you can do with some lights and a camera. All I have to do now is wait for James to edit them and I can put them on my sites!

Earrings being shot Unedited Image

Rough Edited Image

I've been busy making fascinators this week too. All for the UK and the USA.

Dita Anna

I've also been in colaboration with a lovely client for the last couple of weeks who has asked me to custom make her tiara, her bridesmaid's hair combs and her jewellery for her wedding. These are some rough mock ups of what we've come up with so far which have been fun to do. We're just finalising designs now and then I will start making them up for her.

Or This...?
P was at Nanny and Grandad's last night, and missed her pussy cat, so made sure he got some quality time with her today. He's such a push over!

Busy week! I think I need a nice restful one next week... the last before the 2 weeks Easter school holidays... eek!!

N x

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James said...

I see that Charlie finally got to get in and curl up inside something - he was desperate to get in the light tent!