Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring Bud/Clean

I've finished off two more fascinators over the weekend and posted them out today. The first one is in a gorgeous almond colour with cranberry feathers in my Anna design for a client in the UK and the second is a Hayley design in chocolate with springbud and silver biot feathers which is a great colour combination too. My clients have good taste!!

My little sister stayed with me last night in P's room and this morning when I went to wake her up, she had a little friend with her. Luckily he'd only been there a few minutes and didn't stay long as she's alergic to him, but it was very cute!

I've been very good today and done lots of tidying up, both in the house and tidying up my email inbox. I've added filters (woohoo) so that my orders are more organised and deleted old unwanted mails. It's amazing how they all add up! I feel cleansed. A proper email spring clean!

N x

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