Wednesday, 10 June 2009

On Safari

I took P to the Safari Park during half term. We love it there and the animals were so active because it was sunny. (Difficult to believe seeing as I'm sitting here with torrential rain outside now!). We took my Mom and had a lovely picnic too. We got a free ticket so Dad's coming next time and that was the bribe to keep P off the rides... "Grandad will go on with you next time!", haha!.

We got very close in the car to a lion who was sunbathing, and the elephant that was out was absolutely beautiful and very funny the way he was pulling up grass with his trunk.


Here's P with a not so alive elephant...

And a real one...

P with her new best goatey friend

No fascinators made due to the nightmare of the virus but viewing stats are back up and I've already had an order which is promising. Oooh, actually I do have a pic of a mini Jane design I did for a lady in the UK in pewter with old white feathers but it's on my new camera and I have to work out how to get it onto my computer!

Oh, and my Twitter account has been suspended due to suspicious activity... I think I linked my blog too much... whoops!

My decorating is nearly all done thanks to the hard work of both my parents, and it looks amazing! Pics to follow!

N x

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