Thursday, 28 January 2010

Enquiries and Custard

It's been a quiet winter on the wedding front, but this week I've had several enquiries for multiple orders which is really encouraging. I guess spring and summer brides are starting to tie all their loose planning ends together now and making sure that they have the right accessories to complete their looks. I can't wait to get making again.

One of my friends lives in Prague, and his wife is having a fascinator off me for a wedding in February which I'll really enjoy making. I used to really dislike making pieces for friends as I found it a lot of pressure and as a perfectionist was always worrying that they wouldn't be pleased with what I'd done for them, but after doing a few I've realised that everyone's been more than happy, so now I love it! J has the most gorgeous dress to wear with her head piece. I love the ruffles and the way the gorgeous fabric reflects the light. This is her dress.

And this is the Joanna fascinator she'll be having to go with it, in Wild Rose to match her accessories.

On a positive note about my newly found lactose and egg intollerance, I've found out that I can replace eggs with Bird's Custard Powder in my baking! I'm going to try it out this weekend with a batch of cupcakes and cookies. Hopefully the vanilla flavour will enhance the flavour of the baked stuff because the egg substitute powder tastes disgusting! I'm not sure if you can get this outside of the UK, but I totally love the flavour of this stuff and I'm excited that this might be a good substitute! My Mom always uses this powder and mixes it with milk to make custard and it's been a staple in our family ever since I can remember. One of my favourite puddings is bananas and custard, although I'd have to make it with lactose free milk now!!


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