Friday, 8 January 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

...and we've had some! This is the worst winter I think the UK's seen for a while. The snow has stayed around for the last 3 days, and some parts of the country are -17 degrees which is colder than Russia! My walks to school have been beautiful and really refreshing and the roads look super white. Really beautiful. Pity it's so dangerous and this country is not cut out for heavy snowfall, so I've not taken the car out all week. It does have the downside that you can't do what you want to because of the trecherous conditions, but it makes you walk more which has got to be good, and apparently walking in snow is the same as walking on sand, so I'll have thighs like a championship tennis player by the end of the week....yeah right!!

Here's the road I walk down to school in all it's sparkly glory, and my road underneath.

I found my Christmas photos on my camera and wondered how it could have been nearly 2 weeks ago  since my daughter sat down in front of this monumental pile of presents! (these were for 8 people, not just her!)


And my little sister riding away into the sunset to find her Prince Charming...(snigger)

My short hair is starting to grow out a bit and I bouffed it up into a mini beehive for Boxing Day! I love this picture of P, me and my Mom. :) 3 generations of us girls. Love P's face!!

N x

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Papillon Bleu said...

Nice to meet you eternal bride ( that's the feeling I've got when I see your sweet face on your lovely pics).
Thank you for joining my little world.I hope you will have a good time in my little Neverland.