Monday, 18 January 2010

Hello Ducky...

Well, it's a bit all change here. The cat's had her collar off and is absolutely loving her new found freedom after 10 days, doing flying leaps onto our big cat and generally jumping about all over the place. The operation obviously hasn't phased her one bit, although she still has a big bald patch on her side where she got shaved. I think it's going to take months to grow back!

P is off school again and has a chest infection. I took her to the drs last week and could have told him that then, so as he didn't give her any medication we've ended up going back again today. Very frustrating. She'd be well now if she'd have had those meds last week, and consequently she's missing another day off school. She's paparazzi shy...

The benefit is that we have Zac Efron on the DVD and he's getting his head in the game! Gotta love Zac bustin' some cool moves on a Monday morning!...

I've finished knitting my cousin's little girl a duck with a big fat 'F' on his bum for the first letter of her name. Now the snow's all gone, I can get to posting it! She loved the penguin I did for P, so hopefully will love her new ducky!

Follwing on from my new obsession with food blogs, feast your eyes on THIS baby!

                                                        (Photo credit to
Isn't she the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? She's a lemon meringue lamington made by my favourite blogger Ms Humble. Be sure to catch her blog here and join me in daily salivation. She is like a food deity, producing the most edible pictures and text, coming up with amazing recipes and generally making me want to move to Seattle to live with her. A sugary, cakey, moussey, meringuey, lemoney, chocolatey inspiration. I love her. And that lemon meringue lamington.

Dad, P and I managed to do some sledging and build a great snowman at the end of my parent's road last Thursday when it snowed ALL day and we had so much fun. P was ill after this, so I guess all fun has its downsides! Here's my Dad sledging! We haven't done this for years! And our snowman with his sprout eyes, carrot nose and red pepper lips!

Apparenly the UK hasn't had snow like this for 30 years. It's been great, but I'm so glad it's gone now... although it's forecast to come back later this week so I won't hold my breath!

N x

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Anonymous said...

what a pretty site! i love your knitted little white ducky! it's tres adorable.