Thursday, 24 July 2008

Hello :)

Hello, Well here I am, having messed about for ages thinking about what to do about starting a blog. It's going to be a sort of scrap book type affair just detailing what I'm up to craft wise more for me that anyone else as my memory is shot since having my daughter!

Talking about her, we (nanny, grandad, me and P) are going into Birmingham tomorrow on the train. It's a summer holiday expedition to get Krispy Kreme Donuts (for grandad more than P, although he slyly attributes the trip to spoiling the grandchild) and ice cream... (see aforementioned in brackets). So, to get said 5 year old into bed I promised some new clips. Having sorted through my goodybag she came up with some CUTE turtles which she wants on a pink hairband. But, in true parent style I've decided to put them on clips and create a little felt cutie for the headband instead.

I really must start putting my stuff on Etsy... N x

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