Monday, 28 July 2008

Krispy Kremes and Pimm's

What a lovely weekend! The sun shone and we took P to KK in Birmingham (she managed to keep her turtle headband on for at least an hr without whipping it off), where she proceeded to eat her way through a dozen donuts (I managed to wrestle them off her at 2 1/2), and then she was treated to some clothes and an ice cream before we came back home on the train and all felt sick from our sugar overdose. Happy days!

I spent saturday in the garden with a friend and we sunbathed and drank Pimm's whilst reading magazines and chatting. Such a hard life!

Oh, and I managed to put some fascinators on Etsy on friday night and saturday morning and sold one straight away to a lady in Seattle which was very exciting. Everyone sends such lovely messages and it's very uplifting to know that there really are some lovely people out there, so I'm getting on with making that for her so I can post ASAP.

I've also been making some new hair clips for P with dragonflies on them which worked out really cute. Show you those soon.

Off to do some hand rolled edges on my sinamay!

N x

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