Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Rebel, Rebel...

I'm featured on a really good Treasury on Etsy today. It's called NONconformity and is curated by a seller who hand makes the most exquisite jewellery. The theme is black and white with a rebel splash of colour, the NONconformist, and that's my Viktoria fascinator! I absolutely love the theme and was really pleased she chose me to take part. Thank you!

You can see it live on Etsy here until Thursday 30th October.

Here's the curator's shop on Etsy, theBeadAerie. My favourite piece are these gorgeous interchangeable earrings with 3 water colour droppers. They are gorgeous!

P is off to her High School Musical dance class today (that's if she'll go, she's currently saying she doesn't want to go... typical 5 year old!) Then I have a fascinator to finish off whilst she's out with her dad this afternoon. I also have to go and get my tyre fixed. I had a screw go right through the middle of it and it was as flat as a pancake!

It's very frosty and cold today. Heating is on and P is playing with her new Barbie set which includes a dog that poops and a cat that wees... she loves it!

N x

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