Friday, 31 October 2008

Cuppy Cakes!

I bagged myself an Etsy Treasury yesterday and decided as I'm trying to cut down on eating so much sugar, I would satisfy my sweet tooth by making it all about Cupcakes! I love it! There are some really cute things around and I'm a sucker for anything cute and felt. Check out the dog jumper too, way too sweet!

See it here live on Etsy until Saturday 1st November.

I have also been featured in a great Treasury alongside some of my favourite Etsy artists. DalenaVintage inclueded my Sarah fascinator in her Fascinaton Treasury which is a great selection.

See it here live on Etsy until tonight.

DalenaVintage sell some fab vintage clothes, my favourite of the moment being this great

60s Inspired Brown Gingham Button Up Blouse. I love the shot too. Cowgirl Chic!

P went off to her Halloween Tea Party this afternoon at her friend's house. We had lots of fun painting her face green with blood dripping from her mouth (with sparkly glitter accents, of course!) and black streaky hair with black sparkly nails! We walked up the road with her black cat tied to her broomstick and her bag of pumpkin chocolates. Scary cute!

So, I've left her with 2 other witches, 2 pumpkins and a witch's cat playing pass the parcel. What's the bets that she won't sleep at all tonight...

N x

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