Tuesday, 4 November 2008

It's All Black and White

I had an urgent order for a Joanna Fascinator from a bride in California on Friday. She needs it for this weekend so as this month's been quite quiet I was able to construct it over the weekend and ship it out priority for her yesterday. It was so lovely, all white and perfect for a winter bride, although it's sunny over there I think!

I also had an order off my friend Anna who is going to a wedding this month. She chose a Rachael Fascinator in black with white and purple feathers to match her outfit.

My sister is back of her honeymoon now, actually she's just sent a text to say they have landed and are on their way back and are looking forward to getting into their own bed... problem for them is that I've been over to their house and filled their bed with confetti and decorated the house with Just Married signs and a massive balloon which is a monkey dressed as a Hula Hula girl. This is where they've been - Villu Reef Resort. Lucky things! Can't wait to hear all about it whilst we sit indoors in our jumpers with the heating on!

N x

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