Monday, 17 November 2008


P and I have been very creative this weekend. She's helped me make a chocolate snowman where we had to melt the chocolate, pour it into the mould, do that 3 times then do a second one. She decorated it and it came out quite well, although it's so sweet even she can't eat it and we're both sweet tooths.

I had a fascinator order on Friday for one of my Laura fascinators in Cranberry with the same coloured feathers and a same colour ribbon covered hair band. I posted that off today to North Yorkshire as the client needs it by Wednesday. I love the colour of it.

P has obviously been watching me sew because today whilst off school with a really bad cold, she is so snuffly and pale, she got a needle and thread, some ribbon and a strand of wool and sewed the wool onto the ribbon with lots of stitches! She's such a clever girl! She then attached it to a headband and made her own fascinator! Mommy is VERY proud! She loves doing things like that and has definitely inherited my creative gene.

I went to the German Market in the middle of Birmingham on Saturday. It's held every year and is the biggest one outside of Germany with over 2 million visitors a year. It felt like it too! It was packed! Kris and I did get to scoff some fabulous tiny pancakes with chocolate sauce and warm cherries on them though before we had to come home when it started to rain. I'd like to go again when it's quieter, although it had a great atmosphere and when it went dark the lights were so pretty!

I'm thinking about knitting a Santa for P for Christmas from a booklet my friend Rachel lent me. It's very cute and it'll keep me busy whilst the fascinators are slow. I'm hoping it's just the time of year, and it'll pick up again soon. Everyone seems to be in the same situation though so I'm not too worried.

N x

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