Thursday, 20 November 2008

Colour Me Happy!

I had my bead order through the post this morning. I'm really excited. I'm a really visually stimulated person and to have all this in one place, all colourful and sparkly makes me really happy!

I have some great crystals which are smoked on one side and silver on the other, a really fab Christmas colour mix, some Capri Blue and Light Sapphire crystals for Jo's brother's girlfriend who will be getting a sparkly hairband off Santa, and some great freshwater pearls in white, coral and a petroley purple colour, along with some other lovely stuff. All are going to be made into jewellery of some sort to go on my website and onto Etsy.

P and I decided to sort out my shoes on Tuesday when she was still poorly and off school. I am ashamed to say that I have 43 pairs. I must add that I hardly ever throw shoes away though so they've just accumulated over the years and sit in my wardrobe waiting for the special occasion when it's their turn to get an airing. They are mostly summer shoes and considering our summers have been totally rubbish in the last few years they have been kept in the dark!

At least my wardrobe is tidy now and I managed to part with 6 pairs that I'll be selling on ebay soon, when I have to energy to list them all.

Rob is coming up tomorrow for the weekend and apparently we're in for some blizzards and snow so I'm envisaging Wii tournaments and hot drinks and not going out of the house all weekend! I'm still waiting for summer and I just can't believe it's only 5 weeks until Christmas!

I opened one of my notebooks the other day and P had left me a lovely note in there. Her writing and reading is really getting good now. I was really emotional when I saw this. She always tells me she loves me but for her to write it really touched my heart. Now that really did colour me happy. I love being a mommy. :)

N x

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Natalie said...

I LOVE the note P wrote you. Isn't it so wonderful to get those little notes?? Jo-Jo and I have an ongoing contest who can leave the most I love you notes for the other. He's even starting to write me books. It makes all the sleepless nights, illnesses, worrying and stress totally worthwhile! Good job P!!