Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Driving Home For Christmas

Well, it's Christmas Eve, all the presents are wrapped and Santa has taken them all to deliver over to my parents house for tomorrow morning. We always spend Christmas at my Mom and Dad's house and have dinner there, but this year, and for last, we are out for Boxing Day lunch which will be lovely. My parents are still suffering from their bouts of flu and chest infections so it's going to be a quiet Christmas for us, but P has all her presents, most surprises, and I'll help out with the lunch and the tea, so Mom will be able to take it a bit easier.

I finally finished knitting P's Rudolph toy in time for the big day and I have to say, I am really REALLY pleased with it. It's SO cute!

So, we'll be snuggling up and watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in a minute, and waiting for Santa!

Have a great Christmas, I hope you get all you wish for.

P.S - My drive takes approximately 2 minutes to go 'home' for Christmas :)

N xxx

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Natalie said...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the original version or the remake with Johnny Depp? I love the original with Gene Wilder. Its a family favorite here! Hope you and P had a wonderful holiday. The roudolph turned out adorable!!