Friday, 5 December 2008

Somewhere Over The Rainbow...

My Tamara Fascinator was used in an Etsy Treasury this week by a lovely seller called Rachelaakmama who sells THE most amazing party favours. She says:

"Paper Cakes are great because they are both a centerpiece and a favor for your guests to take home with them! You can fill the cakes with anything that you like! For example, party favors, candy, stickers, little toys, small gifts, snacks.... etc! "

They are SO cute and a brilliant way to be unique.

This one is called Paper Cake Red Hat Society Cake and costs $16 and I love it! -

This was her Treasury with my Fascinator in it. It was made up of Etsy Wedding Team members, of which I am one, and you can see it here live until Saturday.

I'm hoping my pot of gold is at the bottom of this beautiful rainbow that I could see out of my lounge window earlier today. It was even better when I got into the school playground as the clouds had cleared a bit and it was a full semi circle and really bright. Unfortunately we had to have the rain to go with it and I got soaked but it gave me a smile.

I sent off my fascinators to Dubai and Somerset and as our Post Office has closed down (*sob) I had to find another one to use. It's so strange when you use the same Post Office for years and know everyone to have to start again. It felt really sad, and I didn't like it!

Viktoria Fascinator - To Dubai

Jane Fascinator - To Somerset

P's school has their Christmas Fayre tomorrow and all the kids have been in Christmas themed clothes today. P wore jeans and a red top with a white cardigan and Rudolph ears! There is a catch though... as always. To qualify for Christmas clothing you had to take a mug filled with something in for the Fayre so that they can sell them. We decided on a Christmas mug filled with Christmas chocolates and a Rudolph on top. He looked quite happy! I also had to send in a gift for the Girl's Lucky Dip. I sent 3 stretchy headbands tied with a pretty ribbon.

I've been getting crafty with felt and made some decorations for Christmas presents. I've LOVED doing these and want to do more. It's so relaxing cutting and sewing and been lots of fun. Now I just have to part with them and decide who to give them to!

Kris and I are off to look for a new sofa tomorrow. It's all sales here so hoping to grab a bargain!

N x

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