Monday, 1 December 2008


As it's nearly pantomime season, I've decided to be Grumpy this year. I've had a bad back all week and I'm feeling tired and unmotivated at the moment. I am sure it's the freezing weather and the miserable faces of everyone who is Christmas shopping with no money trying to make Christmas happy for their families. Anyway. Grumpy it is, for now...

(The strip above is from Bill Watterson's Calvin And Hobbes. I absolutely love them.)

On a happy note, I've had 2 orders this week for fascinators. One is going to Dubai for the Races (Viktoria, Poppy colour) and one is for the UK, (Jane, in wisteria). I'd love to go to Dubai and stay in one of the hotels, although I just did a quick calculation and for a 7 night stay in a 2 bedroom villa at the Jumerai Beach Hotel it would set me back £12,453... I think I'll just book the 5 nights... (eek)

Charlie is getting too big for his radiator bed. He's bent the metal frame on it so he's hanging in it but looks uncomfortable. I'll have to get dad to do some ingenious bracing so that my cat can have his luxury bed back. He loves it. The heating is on all the time at the moment so when he's been out for his morning strole in the cold, he nips back in and sleeps for about 5 hours straight all warm and comfortable. I think they should make a human version. I'd buy one!

Kris bought P and I some hand warmers today. The ones that you click the button and the gel goes hard and warm. It's because I was moaning this morning that my fingers hurt because it was so cold. Bless him. P loves hers and is obsessed with them now. She wouldn't sleep without hers tonight. Mine are going in my pockets on the school run tomorrow!

I'm off to down some more painkillers and jump into bed. I think it's time to put the electric blanket back on!

N x

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Natalie said...

I don't know--the little I know from our Etsy transaction and your blog I don't think you can pull Grumpy off :). I'm sorry it's so cold. We are getting hit with the cold here in Wisconsin too. Guess winter is really here. Yuck. Stay warm my friend!