Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Bugged Up

I am ill. Too much snuggling with my new surrogate son over the weekend means I've caught his cold bug and I've been in bed all day feeling very sorry for myself.

I got up to package up a Jane fascinator in Butternilk with ivory feathers I made yesterday for a client in Nashville in the US, but forgot to take a photo. My mom had to come over and post it for me as well as take P to school this morning. Thanks Mom x

I'm waiting on a big crystal order and some sinamay for two other orders to complete before the weekend so I hope I feel better tomorrow. All sympathy welcome :)

N x


Natalie said...

Aww...I'm sorry you're sick! All sorts of womderful winter cold bugs going around now. All three of my kiddos are sick to. Hope you feel better soon! So glad I'm back. I've missed reading your blog. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon from 'surrogate son's' Mummy xxxxxx Sorry for germs! Lovely to see you and have enjoyed the photos. Am lucky to have found such a wonderful friend again N x