Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I've been out! Woohoo! After 2 weeks of illness and nasty snow weather I actually went out last night to see my friend, Rich, who is an artist. He has a new studio and we hung out and drank tea and I had a little reality break and we got immersed in arty stuff which I love. He did some body painting on my wrist which looked like a big cut! He's so clever and used to do make up and prosthetics for TV and films, so we laughed a lot and I sent this pic to my friend who thought I had nearly severed my wrist! Ahhh... the fun we have! My mom actually thought I'd had an allergic reaction to the paint when I showed her, it was that good!

Rich painting my wrist...

The finished result... eww!

I'm a bit obsessed with Love Hearts at the moment and keep taking pictures of relevant ones and sending them to people. Just as little reminders. :) If you eat too many they make you feel sick though so I have to ration myself. All that fizz is no good for you!

AND... P's second tooth has come out! Hurrah! It's been holding on by a hair for days and last night it came out before bed. She was VERY excited as you can tell by her expression and the Tooth Fairy was very kind and left £1, which she promptly spent on sweets today after school as a treat... a bit silly really, but she loved spending her own money.

I've been busy with fascinators and have two of the same style, Jessica, to finish making and post on. One is silver with silver and springbud green feathers on a comb, and one is pebble and ivory which is half made, and will be on a band. Everything is hand rolled and sewn so these take a bit of time to do, and are quite fiddly but I love them and they look so cute! Both are for weddings.

I've had a request to do a fascinator for a lady who is going to a wedding in Scotland and she wants to incorporate the family tartan into the design so that will be lots of fun to make. I'll keep you posted.

AND... ALL THE SNOW IS GONE! Yippeeee!! I can actually get back on track with my plans now without feeling like I have cabin fever and am stuck in the house!!

My new motto... "Say NO to snow" (although it is beautiful)


N x

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