Friday, 13 February 2009

Work Work Work...

I've been busy this week working on my fascinator orders and with my nails clients, and also making a start on spring cleaning my house! Everything looks such a mess and I hate working in a messy environment so tomorrow I am off to get myself some storage. I have too many crystals and beads and not enough room to store them all now so I need to get organised and get everything off my dining room table!

This week I've finished both Jessica Fascinators, both were for the UK, but strangely both were ordered by Brits who live abroad and are coming back to the UK for weddings. I also completed some butterfly hairclips to go with the second order.

I have 2 more orders to complete on monday when I get some stock I've ordered in, and I have my tiara shoot for my website on tuesday and wednesday next week! Yippee! I can't wait to go and see my lovely friend John who is my photographer and we're doing some other photographic stuff and will most probably go out for a meal and a nice glass of red!

I need to complete another couple of tiaras over the weekend and I decided to do a dramatic crown type affair. Here's the framework for it, but I have no idea how to embellish it... will be interesting. I'll keep you posted!

We're off to see friends tomorrow and then to a 6th birthday party for P's friends who are twins. Jelly and ice cream all round!

N x

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