Thursday, 5 February 2009


MORE snow! I know this is a normal winter for the UK, or it used to be before global warming messed up our seasons, but it's ridiculous! We haven't had this much snow for years! School's been closed for 2 days this week and everyone is staying at home because even if they get into work, they can't get back!

I managed to make and post the rest of my fascinator orders but in the rush to get them to the Post Office forgot to take pictures. I have another order to work on today inbetween nails clients, or those that can make it because of the weather so that will keep me busy!

I did a photoshoot for Halfords yesterday which was well timed because there was no snow about! It involved me and Rob pretending to pack up a car for a family camping trip. We had 2 kids and a dog called Scooby and it was lots of fun. The shots are going into a camping and touring leaflet that will be in all Halfords stores in April on page 3 and maybe on their website! Woohoo! I didn't realise how much I missed modelling until yesterday, and I should do some more. I'll post the pics when they are published.

We're going out to build a snowman later, although P is still not 100% well, but she's convinced snowman building will cheer her up.

I've just given into the fact that my plans will have to go on hold until the snow goes and we're all feeling better! How frustrating!

N x

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Laura Marie said...

Snow man buliding makes everything better :)

And i know! the amount of snow in the UK is rediculous! im loving it though :)