Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Petals and Blossom

Ahh, I see Jamie Oliver and his wife have called their daughter Petal. Very cute, if not a bit out there. I like Jamie. But... Blossom Rainbow as her middle names? A bit bonkers I think! Congratulations to them all, though. Look here for the Daily Mail's article. Jamie and I are linked in a big way. Those of you who know both of us will know the connection :)

Talking of blossom, the tree opposite my house is nearly bursting with buds and in a couple of weeks will be full of the most gorgeous pink blossom. It doesn't last for very long but it is absolutely stunning. This is what it looked like last year in full bloom.

I've also been making my own blossom... well, they are petals to go with the orchids on my client's tiara and hair combs and I learnt a new technique to finish them off. It involves a lighter which is always fun and feels just a bit naughty that I can play with fire! I have to singe the edges of some voile material to stop it from freying, which involves passing the material through the flame quickly so that the heat melts the very edges. In the process this also shrinks the edges so that the leaf shape rolls in on itself to form a petal. It's very impressive! These will then get attached to the back of the fabric flowers I am using for the items and all get squished together to give a layered look. I'm really happy with the way they have turned out.

My client also ordered 5 of my pearl hair grips which match all the jewellery and hair accessories I've made. I love these. They are so simple but really effective when slid into a hair doo.

This is her completed tiara with the orchid and a decreasing in size row of ivory pearls with Swarovski crystals. All of these items were custom made for this client for her wedding.

I have a new mobile phone. At 34 I still get excited when I get one! So, I've spent the last couple of days messing about with that and I'm still looking around wondering what the noise is when it rings as I'm not used to the new ringtone!

N x

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