Monday, 6 April 2009

Birthday Greetings...

My amazing Daddy is 64 today! Happy birthday, Dad. You are, and always have been my hero, and I love you more than words can say. In fact, Lennon and McCartney sing it much better :)

P made Grandad lots of presents today which he unwrapped at our house before we went out for breakfast. He also got a water pistol for the summer, of which P has an identical one... I see lots of shouting by me and my Mom as the gruesome twosome do some dastardly soaking of both of us!

We went out to the Safari Park today with P's friend and her Mom and brother. Lots of great animals out and about, and as it was the first day of the holidays and the weather wasn't brilliant it was quite quiet which is fab! We fed lots of animals and some even tried to get into the car to come home with us...

Rhino... obviously

Feeding a giraffe

This was a small giraffe! I love this shot!

And this was a HUUUUGE one!

P makes a new friend in Pet's Corner

Happy days...

I posted 2 fascinators today. This one is a Jane design in chocolate brown and went to the UK, and I also posted my Rachael design in red out to the US but forgot to take a picture!

N x

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