Sunday, 17 May 2009

Summer's here...?

This week I've been working on some great fascinators. You can tell it's nearly summer as I'm getting orders in bright daffodil yellow and cool green! I've absolutely loved making these. There's something about someone being really bold with colour choices and designs that makes me really happy :)

This is a Claire design that's gone to the UK:

This one is an April design that's in Daffodil and Ambrosia and is going to New York tomorrow:

The decorating is now finished in the lounge. All painted and papered, although we did have a DIY SOS when half of the paper had to come back off because of a bubble issue, but it's all on now and looks fantastic! Sorting out the fireplace is the next job.

The carpet's being cleaned tomorrow, the sofas delivered on Tuesday and then everything will be nearly straight again!

Kris and I have finished cleaning the hall floor and it's ready to be waxed after the sofa delivery,

and I've narrowed my hall colour down to 2 colours. An olive green or a raspberry pink... decisions, decisions!! Oh, and I changed my mind about the rug... I went for a stripy green one in the end :)

And to top off this week, P's starring role in the new Halfords Child Seat brochure which is country-wide as from now! She has a half page shot and a little one on the next page! I'm SO proud of her! My little star :)

N x

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