Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I Hope To God That's Batman...

Blimey, time flies! I haven't blogged for a week and a half! I do apologise!

Last week was half term for P and we had such a lovely time. I love having her all to myself sometimes and I've really tried to make sure that we always get some quality time together. I have 2 sisters so there was always someone around to play with, but as P is on her own, I take the sibling place. Luckily I've renewed my childhood love of computer games. My sister Rachael and I would play for HOURS on our old Playstation and even before that on our Vic 20 that had games on cassette tapes! Mom would put us to bed, and then Rach would sneak into my room and we'd play games whilst Mom and Dad were downstairs. We always thought they didn't know, but I'm sure half the time they did.

Things have moved on since games on cassette tapes and P and I love our Wii and have been playing together on our games for hours which really helps us to bond. We have to share ideas and work together on some of the games which is great for her as she learns to work with other people and obviously realise that Mommy is quite rubbish at pulling secret levers in the Lego Indiana Jones game and she's quite brilliant! After supervised gaming, we've watched movies at home, been to the cinema twice to see Hannah Montana and Night at the Museum 2, eaten ice cream, been to McDonalds, slouched around in our PJ's until noon on some days and generally had a fab week!

Unfortunately back to reality this week and the usual chaos of getting dressed early, not having time for the Wii and finishing her school Strawberry Project have overtaken laziness, but we've had glorious weather in the UK this last few days, so we've read in the garden, played in the tent and painted outside too.

Life's always much better when it's sunny.

I went to see a kitten the other day. I'm thinking about getting a girlfriend for Charlie... although not a girlfriend in the conventional sense, as he's been neutered! She was 8 weeks old and the tiniest thing I'd ever seen! Very cute, and you can't help falling in love, but I'm being very sensible and waiting until we come back from our holidays to make a decision. If you like cats, you'll love this site. It always makes me laugh!

N x

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