Friday, 17 July 2009


Ah, I've installed my software. Here are the pics of the tiara so far. The idea is to follow the pattern off my client's wedding dress so that it all ties in.

First tier

Second tier

Third tier

The wedding dress embroidery

It needs crystals and pearls encrusting around the band, and the third tier needs attaching to the second one and bringing down a bit and then it's finished, although looking at these pics it looks a bit ridiculous! It's amazing how the final tweeking makes such a difference!

I've picked out a light colorado topaz crystal to incorporate into the design as it's the crystal used on the wedding dress, and my client chose light cream rose pearls and crystal crystals to complete the look. I used silver glass seed beads to trim the wire as my client didn't want to see much wire on the final design. I'm so pleased with how it's turning out!

Oh, and these are my first tomatoes! Yay!
N x

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