Saturday, 8 August 2009


Today I found 2 Etsy Treasuries that feature my fascinators. As always it's so lovely to have my work recognised by people and appreciated enough to put it into a collection. Thank you to Arippke who runs Izzy and the Bean a wedding stationery shop on Etsy and is a fellow Etsy Wedding Team member, hence the title of the Treasury. She featured my Joanna Fascinator. Check out her work if you're planning a wedding, it's absolutely gorgeous. Her Addy invitation is my favourite. The colour stands out a mile for me and I love the peacock feather!

And thanks go to ArtistryByRamona for this flower Treasury featuring my Viktoria Fascinator. This design has been the one that's been picked the most for Treasuries that have featured me. I think it's the bold colour and the huge flower that catches people's eye. Ramona is a fantastic jewellery artist who creates beautiful pieces from metal and beads. My favourite piece of hers at the moment are these brilliantly titled Chocolate Mousse Drops Earrings. Love those lampwork beads!!

I've been working hard on orders this week so that I can have a few days off next week whilst P is away with her dad. Here's some of the stuff I've been creating.

Claire Fascinator in Tea Rose with black feathers for the UK
Sarah Fascinator in Old White with Guinea Fowl and White hackle feathers for the UK
Jessica Fascinator in black and white on a comb for the UK
Small Claire Fascinator in Royal blue and white for the UK

Jessica Fascinator in Hyacinth with Seabird feathers for the UK

Jessica Fascinator in Royal with Silver and White feathers for the UK
I've also had a bit of an obsession with getting my hair cut this week. I've had it long for years and fancy a drastic change so I've had to go shorter in stages... this is how much was cut off the first time:

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3... is next week and this is what I'm hoping for... along with the gorgeous husband and the healthy bank account! (look away now Mom, you'll only tell me off!)

I met one of my lovely old friends who has lived in the US for the last 10 years and we went out for dinner twice with some other friends. It was so lovely to catch up and I'll miss him now for another couple of years until we manage to see each other again.
I have another fascinator to make tomorrow then I'm free for 4 days! Yippeee!!

N x

P.S - if you're wondering if the happiness test worked... to be honest I'm not sure, but I'll post the official results when they're out :)

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