Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Yes, it happened. I'm 35. I spent my birthday in bed with a cold virus and a sore throat. I had lots planned and did a big fat zero! So much for birthdays, but now I'm officially middle aged and can have a midlife crisis! Yippee! Oh, and that's Lola, our new kitten above. Commonly mistaken for a bat due to the size of her ears, and a VERY excited P!

I've been busy with the tail end of the summer wedding season and lots of fascinators have been flying out. I've had a reinstall on the comp, so all my photos seem to be everywhere and it's difficult to find them, but here are a few.

Claire design in Royal with white feathers:

Swarovski Butterfly earrings and necklace set I did for a secret swap for the Etsy Wedding Team:

Grrr, I can't find the other pics! I will have to try and sort them and get them posted!

N x

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Anonymous said...

Cat looks slightly iffy with those big ol ears!
Hope everythings ok Joey
Love to you both