Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Little White Book

I've been featured in a beautiful blog by a lovely lady called Laura who runs Little White Book which is a wedding and event management company. She's done a really nice job and as ever, I'm so grateful for the feature. Thanks Laura! You can read it by clicking here.

I've worked hard today to finish off 2 of my fascinators for my new collection. I have to think of names for them now so that I can list them on my site after the photos are taken!

Talking about naming things, I often wonder if people actually have the job of naming nail polishes. I imagine them all sitting around a table coming up with the most random names. I bought one the other day that was by OPI and called All A-Bourdeaux The Sled. It's dark wine red. Who actually thinks of these mad names? It's a great colour though, and part of their 'Holiday Season' range so get it whilst you can! I recommend OPI varnishes (I'm a nail technician in my other life) as they are so densely pigmented and give a lovely coverage!

I've decided to abandon Linux and go back to Windows. I can't seem to download my photos easily and it's driving me mad! Does anyone use Windows 7? Is it any good? Hopefully I'll be back to uploading soon!!

N x

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