Monday, 9 November 2009

Berry Nice!

I was walking back from the school run the other day, and have a beautiful road to walk down. I noticed that all the berries were out on the trees that lined the street and they looked so lovely and I had to take some photos. They reminded me that I have some artificial berries that I'm going to use to make one of my 2010 fascinators, so I fished them out. They are in gorgeous browns and creams and will work really well with some crin or sinamay. 

I've had a meeting with a business advisor today who's given me some great advice about wholesale ideas for bridal boutiques which I'm going to follow up, and I've decided to add a blog to my T&F website to update customers on what I'm doing and what I've made recently, plus photos from people who have purchased from me too to make the site more active. Should be fun!

We had our annual bonfire on Friday night which involved my Dad digging up a big patch of his garden to have the fire, my Mom cooking all the food, and me making a scrummy banofee pie which went down well! We had fun with fireworks (courtesy of my pyromaniac brother-in-law :)) and sparklers and it was lovely to all get together and wrap up warm on a chilly night. If you're not aware why we celebrate 5th November with a bonfire and fireworks in the UK, you can read all about it here :)

Dad, Rachie, P, Pyro, Loz and Mom warming themselves by the fire...

P and Mom sparkling!

Mom scoffing the banoffee pie for a pic to send to their friends in Portugal. Dad looks amused!

I'll write the recipe for my Banoffee Pie for my next post... I dare you not to love it!

N x

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