Tuesday, 24 November 2009

My Current Crush...

... is Joseph Fiennes. I can't lie. I am in love.

Joseph and I have had a thing since I saw him in Shakespeare In Love in the 90's and my little heart has been pining after him for all these years. So, imagine my delight when my most favourite current guilty pleasure, FlashForward made him a staple of my weekly TV viewing! Excellent casting, ABC!


ABC Studios also produce my other guilty pleasure, (what? I'm allowed two? Yippee!) the most fabulous Desperate Housewives! Season 6 is totally fab, as usual, and I'm gutted that for some reason episode 9 isn't available here until next week! The torture!

Just to mention that the amazing hand made heart necklace is by my friends over at Clutterfly Jewellery. They make some fab stuff and I love them! Have a look at their site if you want a great Christmas present for someone you love this year. As seen on uber-chic girls about town, Lily Allen and Jamie Winston this Autumn. :)

Right, must dash, I'm off to snuggle up to Joseph... don't get all jealous on me now!

N x

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