Monday, 4 January 2010

Branching Out?

My kit Lola's been spayed today, and when we went to pick her up, she was wearing this! A cat fascinator!

It's pink and sparkly (no joke!) and she has to keep it on for two whole weeks! I think she looks fabulous and the colour is just her! She's not so sure. She's backing up a lot to try and cunningly de-collar herself, and walking around all top heavy with her head dragging on the floor, and I have to admit, sleeping and eating is a bit of a problem, but she's a tough cookie and she'll be bouncing around in no time after she's got used to it. I'm thinking about branching out into cat head accessories... what do you think??! They are obviously all the rage when you've been for a spaying, and cats have loved hats for a loooooooong time...

The vet said 'definitely a calm and quiet house' to go back to... so, what happens? Charlie walks down the stairs, sees this thing with a pink sparkly collar on, all wide eyed and semi drugged up from the anasthetic, dragging her head around and goes completely nuts, sending Lola skidding off into the kitchen where she promptly bashed herself up against the units... the joy of a crazy cat household! Lucky for Lola, she gets to sleep in the lounge tonight, not the kitchen as it was -7 this morning when we woke up, and I think a post-op feline needs some comfort in a slightly warmer room!

P wouldn't go to bed tonight because she was worried that Lola couldn't sleep and that she was in pain. Too cute. My girl loves her kitties.

I, after all the post-vet commotion, managed to cook a gorgeous mushroom and pea risotto. Yes, I of the 'I don't cook' school of finishing, stood slaving over a hot stove for more than 20 minutes to do our tea tonight! It got the "I hate it" vote of disapproval from P, but Kris loved it and said I could make it again! (If this becomes a habit, I may stop altogether... don't want to be cooking things that are actually nice meaning I have to cook more!)

Oh, and Penguin's finished after a bit of help from Lola last night!

 He accidentally supports Aston Villa Football Club though in his claret and blue strip!... good job they're local!


N x

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