Sunday, 3 January 2010

25 Seconds of Bliss

Every Sunday, P and I go to my parent's house for Sunday lunch. Sometimes my sisters are there, sometimes not. Today was a not. Just me, P, Mom and Dad. After lunch they went to watch a film in the back of the house, and I was left in the lounge. I had my knitting with me and sat down, in the warm, with no TV on, and just the whirry slurpy noises of the dishwasher coming from the kitchen, and the hum of the central heating and a sense of complete bliss. I was surrounded by my most comforting things, all the smells and feelings of the house I grew up in, my little bit of crafty, and a warm drink, and I can honestly say, at that moment in time, if I'd got a million pounds in my pocket, I couldn't have felt any happier. I'm  not a rich person in monetary terms, but in terms of being surrounded by a loving family and a happy home, I'm definitely a millionaire...

... of course this only lasted about 23 seconds before my 6 year old and her Grandad came in shouting and play fighting and I had to succumb to the madness of my family life!

I wouldn't have it any other way...  :)

N x

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