Saturday, 2 January 2010

Twenty Ten

So, the dilemma... what are we calling this new year? Twenty ten? Two thousand and ten? Two zero, one zero? It's so complicated, I can hardly keep up! I think I'll stick with twenty ten... or maybe two thousand and ten... who knows... ask me in 363 days time.

I was thinking about what the year might have in store for me and what I need to do to make it a good one. If I had to choose a buzz word for 2010 it would be focus. I tend to get very distracted which is made worse by working from home. There always seems to be a million things to do, but I am determined to make more structure to my days and focus on doing little things each day which are important. Sometimes I find it all to easy to have a million things to do but actually get so consumed with thinking about them that I get nothing done.

I've also promised myself that this year I'm going to do one thing for myself each month. A massage, a facial, a head rub, you know the thing. I really never do anything for myself as my home, business and daughter take up so much of my time, and I think it would help me to focus better if I took time out to do something special for myself.

More focus on saving up for my new kitchen this year too... must stop frittering money away on things I don't use or need. My worst vice is buying stuff for the business. I find it hard to resist that gorgeous feather, or that amazing bead, and have a workshop full of things that I could make but never seem to get the time! I'm like a magpie. If it sparkles, I want it!

But I guess I want a new kitchen more. Mine is SO old and the only room in the house that isn't refurbished. I'll have lived here for 7 years in May and I really don't even like going in the room now. It's cold, old fashioned and small. And there lies the problem. I need to knock through into the utility room and have a complete new roof for it to be worth while, hence not just an easy job. Lots of ££'s. Better sell more fascinators this year!

Talking of magpies, I love this Steampunk Cuff by edmdesigns on Etsy. $225 but fabulously gothic and beautifully made! Such a clever girl!

I hope you have some good reso's yourself and you manage to stick to them for January at least!!

N x

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