Saturday, 2 August 2008


I'm a bit obsessed with felt at the moment after I got a rainbow of colours off ebay the other week. I've just kept looking at it thinking of what to do with it to show it off properly, then I decided to make some felt flowers to make into brooches. They look great! P had one on when we went out the other night (stolen from me) and just looking at them makes me feel happy. I feel more are going to be made as presents for birthdays this year!

We're 2 weeks into the school summer holidays and P has her friends coming round on monday for a girly 'cinema' day where they'll watch Aladdin with the curtains closed and eat pizza and chocolate. Four 5 year olds. I'm not sure I know what I've let myself in for... I might make them all clips to go home with as I have a bag of goodies waiting to be used up for something fun.

I've been uploading more items to Etsy but trying to time it right as it's an american site is difficult. I've been trying to do it at different times to see if it makes a difference to views and sales but I'm not sure it does.

Oh, and my lovely friend John from Waterham Studios has told me that we're getting together to shoot my tiaras! I really do like that man! :)

N x

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