Monday, 4 August 2008

Hearts and Flowers

Today's been fun. P had her friends round for the cinema day and they had a great time watching the film, running about screaming and getting me to play tag in the garden with them. She's exhaused and fast asleep now but still not sure about whether she's scared of the Genie or not...

Here they are, P's Angels...

I was making some more templates whilst they were running about and decided to make a felt heart brooch. I did a flower headband in purple which is great as it's on a really soft band making it great for babies and big girls, and a red flower hair clip last night too. They are so colourful, I decided to take a shot of all of them together to show off my lovely felt! I'm putting them on Etsy. You can buy them here from tonight. :)

I managed to also make the girls some hair clips to take home with them and wrapped them up in pink tissue paper with little butterfly stickers on them. They all loved them, and P got ladybird clips which I'm actually wearing at the moment! I'm so glad I have a girl!

Off to put those felts on Etsy and take some shots of some jewellery I have too to put on there and my TiarasAndFascinators site.

N x

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