Friday, 15 August 2008

Hey, wait a minute Mr Postman!

I've finally got all my orders made and shipped! Yay! What a week.

We were supposed to be taking P to Slimbridge today but I had to wait in for an order which I finally got at quarter past 12 (good old Royal Mail), and was able to get my final fascinator for Texas made. It was supposed to be a relatively easy one to make, but typically, as I was against the clock it ended up being a nightmare. My thread kept tangling up, I had to add an extra piece and then realised I hadn't got the right colour feathers so had to run and get some, and all the time knowing I HAD to post it today or it wouldn't get to Texas in time.

Luckily it all worked out and I am thrilled with the final result.

It's for the bride for her wedding shower, so I hope she likes it and it gets to her in time. I sent another one too for her mom but forgot to take a photo. I also finished and posted the chocolate brown fascinator and the crystal hairpins. Busy busy!

I'm off to see Batman at the Imax tonight with my friend Ed for his birthday. Hurray! An excuse to go out! I think I deserve it after all the hard work!

So, Slimbridge next week if the weather holds out. At least Nanny and Grandad took her for a picnic in the park to make up for it.

Have a good weekend,

N x :)

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