Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Monkey Business

It was my sister L's 22nd birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, baby sister), and we went to Twycross Zoo. They are famous for their collection of primates and it's a lovely place to spend a day. We took a picnic and even though the weather wasn't brilliant, the rain held off and we managed to escape getting wet.

Here's P comparing herself to a gorilla:

And dad with his twin:

And one of the chimps scaring P to death playing tag with her through the glass:

We had a great day. I am so lucky to be able to spend great times with my family. :)

On a sewing note, I needed a present for L, sort of a combination of a birthday and moving into her new house present and obviously with my addiction to felt it had to be something based around that. I cut out 2 felt hearts, edged them with seed beeds, attached a hanging hook, embelished the front of one with a smaller purple heart with contrasting thread and buttons, crystals and beads.

I unpicked the head off one of P's old stuffed toys (I won't be telling her!) to get at the stuffing and stuffed my heart and voila! A hangy felt heart that L can hang up and remember home with when she goes away. Those are my legs in the shot so you can see it's quite big.

I loved making this and I'm going to make some for Etsy and see how they go. I might make some little brooches too, maybe with xmas themes. They are so cute.

My T&F website is down at the moment as hackers got into the global shopping basket so everyone is having the same problem until it gets fixed but Andy, my brilliant webmaster at Neopixel says that they didn't do anything to my site apart from lock me out of it. Phew! It should be up and running again ASAP.

It's raining again today, so nothing exciting planned. Maybe more sewing I think.

N x

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