Friday, 22 August 2008

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Oooh, I'm very excited. My Texas orders have got there in time and the client LOVES them! Yippee. I can breathe again now. I shipped them Airsure so they were tracked and I could look on the USPS site to see when they'd been delivered. I got a confirmation mail from the client saying she thought they were beautiful and that she couldn't wait to send me some photos. I'm so pleased.

I had a mail through Etsy the other day from a lady in Boston who wanted me to send over one of my fascinators for a fashion shoot that she was doing for her new online magazine, so I sent this to her.

I love the way that this fascinator looks when you view it from the sides. The pictures don't do them justice really, they are big and bold and I love it in black and white. It will go in the next issue apparently, and I get a permanent link on their suppliers page, so it's all a little bit extra publicity. That's two people who have found my things and featured them now! I feel really special!

AND I've been featured in my very first Etsy Treasury, by LadyFran who chose my Hayley Fascinator to include in her list with some other great stuff. I was really excited about that too! A big thank you to her.

I've found some great blogs to read lately. I'm quite obsessed with Claire Payne's blog and Beadiful Things and my client from Texas's blog Jeune MariƩ. It's like dipping into someone's private diary and getting a little taste of their life. I love reading about what other like minded women are up to. It's very inspiring.

P and I have been making some glass marble magnets this week. She got some of her Barbie butterfly stickers and i used silicone adhesive to squish little glass nuggets on top to make cool magnified butterflies. I didn't waste my magnets though, she can have them as they are, but it's inspired me to make some more using some Washi paper I got from the states the other week.

Chiyogami is Japanese handmade paper (Washi) that has been silkscreened with traditional Japanese imagery. This gorgeous decorative paper has a rich history and has been used in everything from clothing to origami. It really IS gorgeous and I've been looking for something to use it on. Hopefully they will work out well and I'll put them on Etsy soon.

My sister is coming round tonight to have a make up trial for her wedding which is on 18th october, so that'll be fun. Anything more than a dab of eyeshadow and she is convinced she looks like a pantomime dame... I WILL make her see the ways of the made up face!!

N x

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