Monday, 25 August 2008

Tantrums and Tiaras

I'm cold. I hate cold. It's the end of August and I am sitting here drinking hot chocolate in a woolly cardigan and socks. I have decided that we are in a premature winter. I shall be stockpiling tins of soup and collecting kindling for the fire all this week, and reinstating the electric blanket (unless my fancy boy R comes back soon and warms me up which is looking very unlikely as he's on the telly tonight.)

My sister is 31 on 1st October. She is getting married in 7 3/4 weeks time to her long term best friend and general all round good DIY bloke Mathew. With 1 'T'. The coolest way to spell it according to The Fonz. No, seriously...

I have been commissioned to make the tiara. So. In between fixing a million diamantés to Order of Services, I've been sourcing pictures of tiaras and general sparkly things and she's decided on a great design which has enamelled flowers in it. Great I think. I can just buy them and then that's that. Except no. I cannot, after hours of trawling the internet come up with even 1 white enamelled flower bead. I now have to make white flowers. I spent approximately one hour last night trying to work out a way to wire 6 freshwater pearls and a crystal into something that I looked at and thought would be good enough (although I was quite distracted by Kate Spicer having hideous things done to her face on the TV in the name of researching the price of beauty.)

I came up with these little beauties. Bridezilla loves them, so that means I have to wire more. Then construct her tiara, which she has given me strict instructions about. "Not too high, not too low, far enough around, not too stringy, not too cluttered." Clear as mud, my dear. :)

I might also be sponsoring a modelling competition where the promotor (quite a famous glamour model) wants a Miss World style tiara. More on that if it comes around.

Me, P, nanny and grandad went to Bewdley today and sat having beer and ice cream (P declined the beer on age related grounds, I declined the ice cream on fat content grounds... well I DO have a bridesmaid dress to fit into in 7 3/4 weeks!) We listened to a little band, fed swans and met up with friends. Quite a lovely afternoon, and I did even manage to have on short sleeves whilst the sun was out for a while! That's P and grandad.

I'm off to watch my boy on the tv and wire beads. :)

N x

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