Sunday, 28 September 2008

Clippies & Mousies

I have been working on an Alchemy request that I put a bid in for on Etsy and won. Basically it's when an Etsy user requests something that they want and you put in your bid of how much it will cost them to buy the article off you. Nathalie asked for some sparkly Swarovski crystal clippies for her daughter and I won the bid. Here they are! They are whizzing over to Wisconsin tomorrow morning.

Etsy is lovely. It's got a great community spirit. You make friends with someone for a week or so, chat to them over mail, work with them on what they want you to make for them, then they are gone with their accessory and you don't speak to them again. Quite sad really, but lovely at the same time.

I was in another Treasury too. This one was by DaintyDeity and she chose my Joanna fascinator which has been popular this month and I'm in the top spot! Thanks for that DD. Again there are some great sellers in this compilation and it's so lovely to be included with them.

I've been working on another Jessica fascinator to post to Northern Ireland tomorrow. I have to run to the Post Office first thing to collect the feathers that I missed on saturday morning so that I can send it special delivery for the client to get it by wednesday this week. I'll post a picture tomorrow to show you when it's completed.

I've also had an order for a Tamara fascinator from Canada which will be started tomorrow to post out on wednesday hopefully!

We rescued a baby mouse this morning from inside P's welly boot! I think Charlie (the cat) brought it in and dropped it in there, and I found him hovering over it this morning licking his lips! P was thrilled and we released it in the front garden at half 7am! Lucky mouse!

Early nights for us tonight. P's had two late ones this weekend and she gets SO grumpy when she's tired. Mommy needs one too!

N x

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nathaliek said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the clippies! Can't wait for them to arrive. I will share pictures of my daughter modeling them for you. Thanks again!