Tuesday, 30 September 2008


It's raining, cold and windy here today. We looked all over for P's school fleece. In the HUGE washing pile, in her bedroom, in my bedroom, in the lounge, dining room, utility, on the bottom of the stairs. Nothing. When you ask a 5 year old to look to see if it's at school, you know that within approximately 4 seconds of saying 'yes' they will have forgotten all about it. So, she went to school in her bright pink love hearts waterproof with no fleece on underneath. She didn't need it as far as she was concerned. I think this reaction is a kick-back from me always being cold and when she was born, my mom always telling me to wrap her up. Now she's having none of it. She'd run around naked for the whole day if I let her.

Anyway, when I went into the pantry to get something, there it is, hanging up where I remembered I hung it on friday. D'oh. She'll be horrified I've found it and she has to wear it tomorrow!

I've had another order overnight. One from New York. How exciting! I have to post it to Times Square. It's somewhere I've never been but always wanted to go. I'm a sucker for sparkly things and those lights just call my name!

I've been featured in another Etsy treasury, this time by GreyBrocket who do some wonderful vintage items. Thanks go to them for including me with other fantastic pieces.

I love this old typewriter of theirs because it reminds me of my dad's old factory office when I was a kid and mom used to do his secretarial work, before the days of the internet and laptops. I can still smell the oil and see the clocking in machine that me and my sister R used to play with when we went to visit. I used to love that. When I smell that special factory smell it takes me right back to being about 6 and being with my dad. A treasured memory indeed.

N x

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