Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It's My Party!

Well... today I am 34. When I say it, it sounds old. Or at least older than how I feel!

I expected to be doing something completely different to what I'm doing now when I was younger and looking forward but I have to say that my 30's are turning out to be the best years of my life. I am growing emotionally, creatively and mentally and working on all 3 of those areas every day. I feel that I am the best person I can be at this time and that makes me feel really happy.

Things might not have gone quite to plan (well, actually several miles off course) in the last few years, but I'm proud that I've been able to turn lots of negatives into positives and that I feel like I am a good influence and a good role model to my daughter. That's all I can ask of myself and I have lots of good friends and family that have supported me through my hard times and stood by me no matter what.

The saying really is true that you find out who your real friends are at your times of need. So a big birthday thanks to everyone who makes my life enriched and put a plaster on my heart. You know who you are...

N xxx

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Katriin said...

First I must wish you a very happy birthday!!
Today, as I was searching for some inspiration I randomly ended up on your blog. I must say the headpieces you do are absolutely gorgeous! It gives me the courage to start doing accessories for hair myself. I have done a few and I really enjoy handcraft, but I never thought myself to be good enough to make a business out of it...

So thank you for your inspiration and keep up the good work!

with love,