Sunday, 14 September 2008

Spa Ritual

I just logged onto Etsy and saw that my Dita Fascinator has been included in a Treasury by ThePendantBoutique which is great exposure. I love it when people like my stuff enough to mention it in their creative compilations. It makes me feel like people acually look at my products and all the hard work is worth it and it's great to see my fascinator next to some other lovely hand made things.

My sister's hen doo went down well. I wore my gorgeous shoes and my lovely 50's prom dress. Everyone looked fantastic and my sister had a fab time. The spa was wonderful and so relaxing. My little sister was poorly though today and had to go home but my mom took her place so she had a great day!

When I got back, my friend Kris had set up our new Wii so P and I had fun playing on that tonight although her auntie R has taught her far too much and for a 5 year old she's worryingly good!

I have a big to do list for next week, including ordering some beads for J's hairpins, making some more tiaras for my upcoming tiara shoot with John at Waterham Studios and listing some more items on Etsy.

No photos tonight, my camera USB wire has gone walkabout... that signals a need for a tidy up!

N x

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