Friday, 19 September 2008

Oooh Lots!

I have lots to tell you!

We went out to Frankie & Benny's for my birthday dinner. It was lovely. I had a cake at the end and the lights went down and they sang Cliff Richard's 'Congratulations'. It is hysterical. I got balloons too! The cake lasted approximately 3 and a half minutes...

I've finished off R's tiara... I am SO pleased with it. It's the most intricate thing I've done and it's turned out just perfect. She's thrilled with it and we've all had our hair trials this week for the wedding so it was so great to see it in her hair. I'm so pleased that my little sister will be wearing something that I've made especially for her on her big day. It really means a lot to me that she wanted me to make it and that she likes it enough to wear it.

I've included crystal and diamanté butterflies as this ties in with her theme, and the pearl and crystal flowers just look amazing. The best thing was that I really enjoyed making it. I am always a bit nervous when I make things for people close to me. I worry that if they don't like it they won't speak up so I can put it right and end up with something that they're not quite happy with, but I know R and she would DEFINITELY tell me if it wasn't right, so it must be! I will post a pic when I take a good one!

I've had lots of enquiries this week from Etsy which have all turned into orders which is brilliant! My fascinators seem to be a hit in the US and the majority of my business is there at the moment which is so cool! I love America. Rob's gone over to Florida for 3 weeks and we were joking that it would have been brilliant if he could have taken over the fascinator I'm making at the moment for a lady over there. Personally delivered by a 6ft 2 english man. That really would have been so cool!

I've been hand rolling sinamay leaves today for that fascinator, the pic shows them half done. It's a killer. First I cut out the leaf shape, then i spray the edges with water, roll the sides in then hold them tight whilst blasting them with the hairdryer. The sinamay I buy is stiffened which means it's been soaked in a solution of basically watered down PVA glue then dried. When you re-wet it, form it then dry it again, the glue softens then resets into the position you've moulded it into, hence how you get the edges of the leaves rolled so neatly. It takes ages and makes my fingers feel funny after a while but it's a really professional effect which I love.

I sent a gorgous crystal haircomb to a lovely lady in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday. I was in love with it! It just looks SO sparkly and she can wear it either as a tiara or push it into her up-doo and you just see 4 rows of the sparkle. I might have to make one for myself I love it that much! There's nearly 100 Swarovski crystals in this...

I wanted to get JoJo's hair pins done this weekend as she's back home but unfortunately the suppliers were out of stock so I can't get them until monday. She'll have to wait and get a lovely present in the post instead!

Spent the rest of the week playing on our new Wii that Kris bought for P the other day! She's scarily good...

N x

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