Thursday, 4 September 2008


EEk. All the ingredients for my sister's tiara have finally arrived and now I have no excuse not to make it. I have to turn this...

Into a fabulous tiara for my sister's wedding which is 6 weeks away. I can't put it off any longer... I have to start wiring. We have a blueprint for a design but I'm imagining the blushing bride will want some changes to it. We went for her wedding dress fitting yesterday and she looked fabulous. I was examining the detailing on the dress so I can pick up some of that in the tiara which will be nice.

I also learnt that I have to get her dressed on the morning... along with P, in her little bridesmaid dress, and myself in my bridesmaid dress. Sounds like fun... I'd better set my alarm for 5am!

I've not felt well this week, migraines and feeling mega tired, and had a very blonde moment when I sucked up the 'C' key off my laptop into the vacuum cleaner which then got trapped and dad had to come and take it apart to rescue it. It then wouldn't fit back on so I am C-less and typing onto the metal under the key to get the letter up. It's amazing how often you use curly-C.

N x

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