Sunday, 31 August 2008

Friends and Fowl

I spy with my little eye...

P checks out the wildlife from the hide.

We eventually got to take P to Slimbridge on friday. It's the end of the school holidays and I've never been so seeing as it was the only decent day last week we risked it and I'm so glad we did. We had such a lovely day. There are so many wild ducks, swans, geese and other gorgeous fowl there and we had a fab picnic (thanks mom and dad) and we all loved it. The best bit is that you get grain and can feed the birds too if they (and you) are brave enough, so that's what we did! I even fed a black swan.

I've been sewing some heart brooches and trying to generally keep things tidy, and I've got most of my order for my sister's tiara in now so I can start to make that soon. I've also had an order for some flower hairpins from my friend Jo who is being a bridesmaid in Australia to her sister-in-law on the same day I am a bridesmaid to my sister so I might make those tonight and ship them to her so she can look at her sparklies before the big day.

The best thing about today though was that I met up with one of my old university friends who i lived with for 2 years when I studied in Cardiff. We lost touch about 10 years ago and then found eachother through Facebook last year. We worked out that it has been 12 years since we've seen eachother and we went for lunch and laughed about the good old days and reminisced over old photos and people.

The strangest thing happened then though. We were friends with another girl we lost touch with about 10 years ago and were determined we would find her one way or another. When I got home I decided to look on Friends Reunited and she's sent me a mail earlier this month saying she had been looking for me too! How strange that I should find both my old friends on the same day. I'm feeling all nostalgic and happy tonight and so glad that some lovely people have come back into my life recently. That means you too, R... :)

N x

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